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I never realized how much I always was the one with a camera until I looked back at all the photo albums I packed away when I moved to Kelowna, BC to attend the Centre for Arts and Technology, To receive my Digital Photography Diploma.

I have grown as a person and especially as a photographer since attending this digital photography course, this is something I aspire and am very passionate about, Out of high school I did apprenticeship carpentry and received my level 2 carpentry. I gained knowledge and hard work, I then moved into the grain buying and crop inputs business for the last 5 years working at Cargill, I was able to leave Cargill July 2014, I can not express how happy I am that I get to teach dance & Photograph full time, I have learned you can do anything once you set your mind to it.

My passion is to create photographs you can look back on and evoke a memory or have that chill run down your spine about how that moment made you feel. To remember that time and place and bring you back to it, and overtime you can look at that image and feel the same way.

I want to conduct myself in a manner of integrity, professionalism, and knowledge, to give you the ultimate photography experience. Your session should reflect you, because life is ever-changing and you don’t want to miss a thing.

Currently I am based out of Balcarres, Saskatchewan you will find me anywhere that involves being outside, snowboarding, quading, or camping. I don’t mind getting dirty, I love to dance, and I will never say no to ice cream.


Need to know more, Feel free to ask.


Rebecca Dixon

RMD Photography

Photo Taken by Gina Mabbitt Photography