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About Rebecca

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Capturing Your Magic

My goal is to spread love, show love & to capture love.

 Soul-led photography as life is constantly changing & shifting. I am searching for those moments within, dropping the narrative of how photography should be & capturing what It feels like.


Stirring the emotions & creating wonder, capturing the magic of your journey with 10 years of experience.

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Away From the lense

I am a mother, sister, auntie, best friend, empath, gardener, nature lover, yoga & dance instructor, Intuitive, seeker of light, creatrix, believer of magic, artist & always growing In my journey.


Things that feel good

Places where the sea meets the land

Feeling of the sun on your face

Stepping on crunching leaves


Cuddling on the couch 

Petrichor - The smell of rain 

Laughing so hard it hurts 

All things magical, enchanting & mysterious 

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